Touch Down


Posted by Eli DeRoon | Posted in Blogging Challenge Posts | Posted on April 5, 2012

This is my post for the Week Five Challenge.  There were 8 different topics that I could choose From.  I chose to find a picture and right about it. This is from the 6th option we got to choose from.

20, 15, 10 he’s tackled after a 63 yard kickoff return and is down on the 10 yard line.  He catches his breath, and goes to the huddle.  Sweep left is called which means the ball is again going to end up in his hands….again. Its the fourth quarter 7 seconds to go. The defense is scared and tired. The offense is loaded with confidence. If they can get the ball into the endzone they will win the superbowl. The crowd is on there feet and is going crazy. Millions of people are watching the game and the stakes are high. Coach calls time-out so we can catch our breath and re-group. 40 seconds later and we’re back on the field. Ready set hit go and they’re off. The QB pitches the ball to there number 1 played and hes gone. The offense blocked perfectly, the only thing he has to do is beat the corner and score.  He meats the corner at the 7 yard line jukes him, 5 yard line and dives over the pilon, knocking it down.  Touchdown it over, we had won.


Thank you Mr. Ferlazzo,

For giving me a list of websites to find the perfect picture for me to right about.

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While I was reading your post, I felt as is I was actually there at a game and living in the moment. Your description of the game and each detailed action that was taken was fantastic. Keep up the great work.

Do you play football in school now?

Best wishes,
Sara Cardwell

No I don’t play football at school. I play in a league though. Im on the Vikings along with one of my classmates Drew, This is his blog if you would like to look at it; Right now it’s the off-season and the season will start again this august.


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