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This week for the Week Four Blogging Challenge we were asked to think globally. My teacher posted a number of organizations to look at and I randomly picked this one and really liked it. This organization helps provide clean drinkable water for people in need

Have you ever thought about not having water? How about having to 3 walk hours for it. Or having to drink non – sanitized water. Did you know that there are almost a billion people in the world that don’t have clean water?

Charity Water is an organization that helps provide clean water in developing countries across the world. 100% of the public donations fund the water projects. Diseases from unsafe water and lack of general sanitation kill more people every year that all forms of violence, including war. “In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours a year just walking to find water” as charitywater said on there website. The walk is also unsafe, there are attacks, and the long walks take a hard toll on the peoples spine. When was the last time you had to walk to a river, pond, or lake, to find water? A way we can help is, we can pledge to give up our next birthday to provide clean water to people in need. We can do this by, instead of asking for gifts your next birthday you can ask for donations and help change peoples lives. We can help change lives. Just 20$ can provide clean, safe, uncontaminated water for one person in need.

This is a video that I found on their sight that inspired me to write about their organization.


Lets help provide clean water like this.

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This is week 2 of my commenting on your blog. I find it interesting that some people have to walk for water. I have heard about it in other country’s but I did not know that it was three hours they had to walk just to get water. I could not imagine having to walk all that way just to get water.

When you mentioned giving up our birthdays so that other people would have clean water is a awesome idea. I think that if at least 100 people did it, it would help out more than we could imagine.

Keep up the great work. Your research is detailed and well put together.

Best wishes,
Sara Cardwell
Sara’s Blog

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