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Posted by Eli DeRoon | Posted in Blogging Challenge Posts | Posted on March 13, 2012

This is my Avatar that I made for the Heads & Feet Challenge Activity # 2. ┬áThis avatar represents what I look like, but not exactly because it is a lego head. If you happened to run into me on the street, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s me. My avatar still looks like me because I have brown hair and only a few freckles. My avatar is fun to be around, and he likes to mess around, but most of all he loves to play football. My avatar is most like me because i’m always smiling, I made sure to find the biggest smile there was when I was creating him. I like to keep my self looking fine and dandy and so does my avatar. I enjoyed making my avatar and if you want to make your own blockhead, I hope you enjoy it also.

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I love your avatar from lego. It’s so cool. Please visit my blog back and leave me some comments at:
Keep blogging!
From Chloe.

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