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Posted by Eli DeRoon | Posted in Blogging Challenge Posts | Posted on March 9, 2012

We have now completed the first week of of our first blogging challenge.  I thought this challenge was fun and I enjoyed learning more about myself and my families history.  This week I visited several other kids blogs.  I thought the blogs were very creative, I enjoyed looking at other kids point of view. There were three blogs that stood out in my eyes.

One, was Asia’s Awesome Adventures. I like this blog because the punctuation is outstanding, and it was interesting and easy to understand.

Second, The B-Boy. I like this blog because he had a very well thought out glogster.

Third, KUNG-FU KARATE KINGS. I like this blog because the background is the cross that Jesus died on for us. I also liked this blog because he said he liked football.

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Hi, I like your blog.

– Clare

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