BlOg It OuT?


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I believe that blogging helped my writing in some parts of the challenge. It was very fun to see that people were visiting and commenting on my work. It showed that my time was going into good use. Some challenges were very fun and interesting like the week that I wrote about myself and about that the need of water in Africa. But in other weeks it seemed like a drag to have to work on it in class and at home. I believe that my teacher should do it again next year with her new class but not tell our teachers next year to have us join the challenge again. I wouldn’t mind making a blog in science class next year and keep track of what we have done, but I wouldn’t like to do it again for english or grammar. But over all this year I believe that it has been beneficial to my writing.

~ Eli

Week 10: Survey


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For the Week 10 Student blogging challenge we were asked to take a survey about this years Student Blogging Challenges. After, we were asked to interview a friend or person we new that had been following our blog. I interviewed my classmate and good friend Chasen. I asked him if he enjoyed looking and following my blog and he said, “Yes it is very creative and a diversity of things.” I also asked him if he would follow my blog next if I made one, his response was, “I would be much obliged to follow your blog. The last thing I asked him is if he also enjoyed blogging this year, and he said,”Yes”, that is all he said.

Week 9 Student Blogging Challenge


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For the Week 9 Student Blogging Challenge we were asked to leave 9 comments on 9 different posts, hopefully from 9 students not in your class, and then write about what you had liked about there blogs. The country that I visited and commented on the most was New Zealand. I like the blogs that were written carefully and had much thought put into them. I found many blogs that had links to other students blogs. On Wiremu’s Blog he had 21 students listed that were from his class. I thought that was impressive and it showed that he  had spent much time and effort working on his blog.

My Class and School


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For the week 8 Student Blogging Challenge i’m going to write about what I have learned outside of school. I learned how to play football out of school. When I was very little I had a dream to play football. My dad always taught me new things like teaching me how to catch, how to throw, how to run routs. When I grew up I joined a football team and from there on I was taught specific stuff for specific positions. I was taught to play wide receiver and corner. I am thankful for my coaches and dad who have trained me all of my life.

Week 7 Student Blogging Challenge


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This week on the Student Blogging Challenge we were asked to choose from a variety of different things. I chose to draw, which was from the art category. I drew batman.

Week 6 Blogging Challenge


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For the Student Blogging Challenge Week 6 Lets Work I chose to make an A-Z Poster about work. This is a list of many different jobs that someone could have.

A – Act0r

B – Baseball Player

C – Carpenter

D – Dictator

E – Employee

F – Fireman

G – Gardener

H – Historian

I – Illustrator

J – Judge

K – King

L – Lawyer

M – Musician

N – Nurse

O – Orthodontist

P – Pilot

Q – Quarterback

R – Realtor

S – Scientist

T – Tailer

U – Urban Planner

V – Veterinarian

W – Welder

X – X-Ray Technician

Y – Yoga Instructor

Z – Zoo Keeper

Touch Down


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This is my post for the Week Five Challenge.  There were 8 different topics that I could choose From.  I chose to find a picture and right about it. This is from the 6th option we got to choose from.

20, 15, 10 he’s tackled after a 63 yard kickoff return and is down on the 10 yard line.  He catches his breath, and goes to the huddle.  Sweep left is called which means the ball is again going to end up in his hands….again. Its the fourth quarter 7 seconds to go. The defense is scared and tired. The offense is loaded with confidence. If they can get the ball into the endzone they will win the superbowl. The crowd is on there feet and is going crazy. Millions of people are watching the game and the stakes are high. Coach calls time-out so we can catch our breath and re-group. 40 seconds later and we’re back on the field. Ready set hit go and they’re off. The QB pitches the ball to there number 1 played and hes gone. The offense blocked perfectly, the only thing he has to do is beat the corner and score.  He meats the corner at the 7 yard line jukes him, 5 yard line and dives over the pilon, knocking it down.  Touchdown it over, we had won.


Thank you Mr. Ferlazzo,

For giving me a list of websites to find the perfect picture for me to right about.

Water Changes Everything


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This week for the Week Four Blogging Challenge we were asked to think globally. My teacher posted a number of organizations to look at and I randomly picked this one and really liked it. This organization helps provide clean drinkable water for people in need

Have you ever thought about not having water? How about having to 3 walk hours for it. Or having to drink non – sanitized water. Did you know that there are almost a billion people in the world that don’t have clean water?

Charity Water is an organization that helps provide clean water in developing countries across the world. 100% of the public donations fund the water projects. Diseases from unsafe water and lack of general sanitation kill more people every year that all forms of violence, including war. “In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours a year just walking to find water” as charitywater said on there website. The walk is also unsafe, there are attacks, and the long walks take a hard toll on the peoples spine. When was the last time you had to walk to a river, pond, or lake, to find water? A way we can help is, we can pledge to give up our next birthday to provide clean water to people in need. We can do this by, instead of asking for gifts your next birthday you can ask for donations and help change peoples lives. We can help change lives. Just 20$ can provide clean, safe, uncontaminated water for one person in need.

This is a video that I found on their sight that inspired me to write about their organization.


Lets help provide clean water like this.

My Interests


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I love to play football.  It is a big deal for me because my dream is to be a NFL football player, as you can see in another one of my posts. I play for the Vikings.  Every fall, at the beginning of September, we start practice, and we end at the beginning of December. But during the summer I do a four day camp that keeps me up to par with my skills. Every morning at camp we would wake up at 6 and stretch. Then we would eat breakfast, have a 3 year hour practice, eat lunch, have a 3 hour practice, eat dinner, have another 3 hour practice, then we would go to bed. This happend for four days straight. Then at the end of camp they would select the all stars of that age for there specific position, and who ever was selected would go to Dallas and play in Cowboys Stadium. I obviously was selected and had a lot of fun in Dallas.  I am looking forward to this years camp, and the upcoming season


My Avatar


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This is my Avatar that I made for the Heads & Feet Challenge Activity # 2.  This avatar represents what I look like, but not exactly because it is a lego head. If you happened to run into me on the street, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s me. My avatar still looks like me because I have brown hair and only a few freckles. My avatar is fun to be around, and he likes to mess around, but most of all he loves to play football. My avatar is most like me because i’m always smiling, I made sure to find the biggest smile there was when I was creating him. I like to keep my self looking fine and dandy and so does my avatar. I enjoyed making my avatar and if you want to make your own blockhead, I hope you enjoy it also.

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